Apparels & Costumes

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Hyderabad has a variety of dress codes for various activities.

Pooja Dress

Students have to perform pooja in a clean and pious dress as per the codes of ‘Shiksapatri’. A White colored Dhoti and Yellow Shawl. At the beginning of the year, students are taught to wear dhoti and shawl.

School Blazer

School blazer is the school dress for Mondays.

Maroon colored formal blazer
White colored full sleeved shirt
Maroon Pant
Maroon-White Tie
Ivory-Brown Belt
Black Socks and Black Shoes
School Dress

The regular school dress accomplishes,


Ivory colored half sleeved shirt
Brown Pant
Ivory Brown Tie
Ivory Brown Belt
Black Socks and Black Shoes

Greenish-Cream half sleeved shirt
Military Green Pant
White Military-Green Tie
White Military-Green Belt
Black Socks and Black Shoes

Sports Suit

Sports suit is in different color for four different houses namely Light Pink, Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Parrot Green.
Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange – SSC

1. House colored T-shirt
House colored sports Lower
Black Socks
Sports Shoes

Assembly Dress

In the daily evening assembly or any functional gatherings, students wear assembly dress.

White colored full sleeved shirt
Maroon Pant
Maroon White Tie
Swimming Costume

Every time when the student goes to Swimming, he wears swimming costume, a maroon colored knickers.