This wonderful world & the opportunity that we are human beings, is a boon of Almighty. We experience that our materialistic life has taken away peace from us. That is not because it is our fate but because we are ignorant about the fact that we don’t realize our true self, our true soul and the omnipresence of God. Following inculcate strong foundations of spirituality into your child.

Spiritual Assembly

The spiritual assembly is conducted every week and is presided by Pujya Swamiji. By spiritual assemblies, students learn moral and spiritual value through tales, stories & epics based on vedic scriptures. This assemblies are the core in inculcation of behavioral education into students

Value Meetings

Gurukul often referred as ‘Sanskardhaam’.

Swamijies conduct value meeting every evening. This meeting starts from the Aarti of Shri Ghanshyam Maharaj, followed by a Devotional Songs and Spiritual Discourses from scriptures like Vachanamrut. The students are imparted ‘Sanskaar’ – ethics and values, today’s main missing concern in this rich India.

Prayers & Pooja

At our residential campuses, every day morning at 5:30, Students come to prayer hall for pooja. It includes, chanting of Swaminarayan Mahamantra, Recitation of Devotional Songs, etc. One can feel Paradise at Gurukul during this hour.

Company of Saints

SGIS is an institution which is run by the guidance of the saints. The students get their company in the school. Through this, they develop moral and spirtual values.