Today, with sophisticated and technology aided education, a child will learn things at a great speed/understanding while, in absence of our moral values and over exposure of media, he is also learning things that will destroy the core of humanity, respect, discipline, integrity and such. To meet these needs, Gurukul is proud to inculcate Sadvidya into your child.

He will be intelligent but will he respect your feelings?

More over the development and prosperity of any society or nation depends on its culture. The strongest and fittest the culture, highest is the fulfillment and achievement. To preserve & propagate the amazing Indian culture in society, a number of cultural and traditional activities are organised by Gurukul.

Yes! with Sadvidya we teach,

  • Respect to Parents & Elders are taught in a very confirmed way that will teach him to continue for ever.
  • Morality that is pervasive throughout the Gurukul, with in which the child grooms with the values expected.
  • Gurukul celebrates various cultural, social and national festivals to cultivate glory towards cultural heritage, social brotherhood and patriotism.
  • Raas, Folk Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Pyramids, Drama, Band etc. are the parts of Gurukul’s cultural activities.
  • To encourage various arts, competitions have their own importance. Students of Gurukul secure higher ranks generally.
  • In the modern era of IT, the attraction for audio-visual techniques has increased. By the use of science and recent technology, it has deemed possible for placing culture on a vast and wide platform. This goal has met with glorious success by scientific cultural exhibitions. Many people – including kids, youngsters as well as elder have derived tremendous advantage by it.
  • Indian culture is full of Festivals and celebrations. Gurukul celebrates most of the festivals in great pomp and circumstances. All the students take part eagerly in these celebrations.