03Sep 2018

Today Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Nagpur was filled with colors and joy to celebrate the Janmashtami Festival. The programme started with melodious kirtans by the students of Gurukul, which raised to the peak with beautiful renditions and powerful tempo. Then Reverend Atmaswaroop Swamiji made the audience spellbound with his mesmerizing Katha on the birth and life of Lord Krishna. According to Swamiji, pain is an integral part of life. But we should learn from the life of Lord Krishna how to face it with a smile. After these words of profound wisdom, a drama was being presented by Gurukulites ” Stealing of Butter by Kanhaiya and His Friends “. Everyone burst into laughter by seeing the funny moments in the drama. It was followed by the arrival of Gurukul Krishna with Dhun, and then Aarti was performed by Reverend Swamiji. The traditional Raas Dance by students, parents, and staffs of the school filled the entire atmosphere with a spirit of true happiness. And then came the most awaiting moment of thrill and joy, ” Breaking the Earthen Pot “. There was an exciting competition with cooperation amongst the four houses of the school, teachers, parents and Gurukul alumni. After distribution of Prasadam, everyone had dispersed with the everlasting memories of vibrant colors and joy.

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