23Aug 2014

Jay Swaminarayan!

HDH Kothari Shri Harijivandasji Swami was 92 years old devote saint. He was among the first disciples of Shastriji Maharaj (Founder of Gurukul). He renounced the worldly life & became a saint as early as when he was 10 Years. An ordinary human being would be rated by his riches/fame in the society, while a true saint is one rated by his devotion, dedication, simplicity & humbleness. Swamiji was a very humble & dedicated saint that even at this age and seniority he would ask permission from the institute office to go outside. The food a normal healthy person takes would be a food for 1 whole week for Swami on contrary service was his food. He had been serving the organization tirelessly to Shastriji Maharaj, pioneering Gurukul which has come as boon to Society in general and particularly us.

Language is not sufficient to express about him. Following are some glimpses from our memories, having darshan of such a saint washes our sins of births togather, let us all dedicate our tribute to our beloved Swamiji.

 Live Darshan of HDH Kothari Swamiji

HDH Shri Kothari Swami @ Hyderabad

HDH Shri Kothari Swami @ Bangalore

HDH Shri Kothari Swami @ Gulbarga

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