The Divine Motive

Every year we celebrate Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan's Birthday on 9th Bright Half of Chaitra month. This year it comes on 30th March. This year we will also celebrate it with grand divinity and great enthusiasm. Usually, some celebrations like Ganesh Utsav and Navratri we celebrate for Nine days. So, with the blessings of Guru Maharaj Shri Devkrushnadasji Swami and under the guidance of our Mahant Swami Shri Devprasaddasji Swami, we also have decided to celebrate every year “Swaminarayan Brahmotsav” at every devotee’s home for 9 days. The motive Behind this celebration is, to connect you and your family with Supreme Almighty Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan and have blessings of Maharaj and pious Saints.

How to celebrate 242nd Incarnation Ceremony of Ghanshyam Maharaj?


By Poojan

On the occasion of 242nd Swaminarayan Brahmotsav, The Incarnation Day of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, one can have a swing (cradle) for Bal Ghanshyam Maharaj, one can decorate that swing with flowers & clothes & then keep the murti of  Bal Ghanshyam Maharaj in it. One  has to perform morning and evening Aarti, Poojan with Flowers or Tulsi and Thal offering to Bal Ghanshyam with whole family.

By Devotion

  • Mala : Daily 11 / 21 / 35 / 51
  • Online/Offline Mantralekhan or Mantrajaap
  • Dandvat / Pradakshina : 5 / 11 / 21
You can perform any 1 kind of devotion for 9 days

By Penance

  • Sahaj Vrat : Only one time food in a day
  • Nilkanth Vrat : Falahar (Only Fruits) For 9 days
Choose any one Penance to please Ghanshyam Maharaj

By Satsang

  • Listen Ghanshyam Charitra Katha live on YouTube
  • Live Stream @ 7:00pm on 28 & 29 March, 2023
  • Listen Swaminarayan Pragatya Katha on 30th March 2023 @ 9:00pm
Choose any one Penance to please Ghanshyam Maharaj

By Scripture Reading

  • Read 2 Vachanamrut Everyday
    • Gadhada First Chapter 3, 10, 18, 22, 34, 43, 48, 54, 68
    • Gadhada Middle Chapter 6, 7, 8, 15, 27, 35, 40, 54, 61
  • Read 24 Shlokas from Shikshapatri Everyday

By Swaminarayan Diksha (Optional)

For these 9 days, a devotee has to take a Swaminarayan Diksha. One has to take this Diksha from Swamiji. One has to follow the spiritual disciplines during these 9 days. A devotee has to engage himself more in devotion, Nishkam Seva, Penance, Scripture Reading & Poojan of Bal Ghansmhyam Maharaj. This Diksha is only for Males from age 16 to 60.

Share your celebration

You can send photos to swamiji or post it on our Gurukul Instagram or Facebook and have blessings of saints and Maharaj. So, let’s celebrate these 9 days of Swaminarayan Brahmotsav & take previlidge of serving & pleasing Bal Ghanshyam Maharaj as much as you we can and get blessings of Maharaj and Saints.

The Guidelines

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