English Week

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Investiture Ceremony

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School Opening (Std 6 to 9)

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Annual Report

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Modern Education!
Yes, we believe that education must lead to wisdom. To ensure this for every child, we adopt to a well-framed curriculum aided with e-learning, loboratory & other modern teaching aids.

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Traditional Education!
We claim for our existence to bridge this missing ingredient of human life, today. We shape each child to stand on Moral Values than being Materialistic.

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Spiritual Education!
We regret that in the midst of fast-life, growth & luxury, we somehow missed the very purpose of life. We go back to basis of Almighty and establish a bond of everyone to Him.

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Campus Tour

Just WoW!
We have some of the best eco-friendly campuses among the world that make one feel a matchless blend of Simplicity, Beauty, Modernity & Traditionalism attracting students around the world.

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