Chaturmas Niyam : 12 Jul - 08 Nov '19

Dear Alumni, Jay Swaminarayan!
Wish You Happy Nimi Ekadashi, Chaturmas is beginning from 12 July. All of you are requested to take this online Mantralekhan Niyam for four Months.
Spread this words and join your classmates and friends too.

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Mathru Devo Bhav, Pitru Devo Bhav Acharya Devo Bhav, Atithi Devo Bhav

Jay Swaminarayan Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is it your service all the time (24/7) Since 1948.We know service to you, is Service to God. We heartfully congratulate you all for believing us and joining your child in a Gurukul organization which makes him a complete human being, without any doubt.

Your child is our child trust us. You are not just a parent to your child but you are a family member of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul organization. We always welcome you to be a part of us. We surrender surrender at the feet of Bhagwan Shree Swami Narayan for blessing us to do service to you all. We are even ready to render our service to manymore ahead. Please join us to feel the fragrance of Trust, Love, Care and Service for more details please visit us.

  • Feeling very proud to say that I am the part of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, before join this school I was very arrogant but this school is changed my attitude. Now I come to know the importance of parents as well as education.

    Ajinkya Nitin Said


  • I'm so glad to be studying in Gurukul. Teachers and staff are so nice and I really can feel my improvement in studies, culture and behaviour since I started to study here. I want to say is that I'm so grateful with God to give me the opportunity to be here



  • I had a great time at Gurukul, sophisticated teachers, especially my last one - Mark, from who I've really gained tons of knowledge, and have met a bunch of good people



  • Now when I am transferring to a college, I feel very grateful for the Gurukul's big contribution through providing a good background in culture behaviour and personal experience. I spent 3 years in Gurukul.

    Aadish Wali


  • A True Place Of Heart, Mind And Soul.

    Mukesh Bagade

    Intermediate - with 10/10

  • The Hub Of Complete Education With Complete Dedication.

    Chikka Rohan | A Gurukulite



    Konda Vinay Kumar | A Gurukulite

    Intermediate - successfully out gone with 10/10

  • One Should Feel Blessed To Study In Such A Great School, Even Now After I Leave My Schooling, I Always Wish I Want To Go To My Temple "Swaminarayan Gurukul" It's A Home Away From Home!

    Ganesh Kurmala | A Gurukulite

    +2 Intermediate Student

  • Two things I Learnt from Gurukul 1. Doing Tough things in Life, It is easy to go to Job every day but is hard to go to temple everyday It is easy to seat in front of TV for hours but it is tough to spent time with your grandparents. 2. I learnt how to be down to earth when you have Millions and billions of Money and even when you get Stronger and more power So, Whatever I am today, who every I am Today, I am Very Thankful to Swaminarayan Gurukul and Saints who has added this values in my Life.


    Management Science (The University of Texas at Dallas USA)