Farewell-10th standard

Farewell-10th standard

We are almost toward the end of this academic year yet we have too many memories of the past. This year’s batch of 10th are coming nearer to their board exams so finally we have to send them of with our Farewell Party This year it was another fabulous experience for the farewell party which was given to the batch by the pupils of 9th

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Modern Education!
Yes, we believe that education must lead to wisdom. To ensure this for every child, we adopt to a well-framed curriculum aided with e-learning, loboratory & other modern teaching aids.

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Traditional Education!
We claim for our existence to bridge this missing ingredient of human life, today. We shape each child to stand on Moral Values than being Materialistic.

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Spiritual Education!
We regret that in the midst of fast-life, growth & luxury, we somehow missed the very purpose of life. We go back to basis of Almighty and establish a bond of everyone to Him.

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Campus Tour

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We have some of the best eco-friendly campuses among the world that make one feel a matchless blend of Simplicity, Beauty, Modernity & Traditionalism attracting students around the world.

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  • Jay Swaminarayan

    Hope you admired our dedicated, committed & self-less approach to our services. Yes! Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is a non-profit service based organization striving to bring out essence ancient values to the contemporary face of world by rendering utmost committed services to all its members. You are warmly welcome to join this token of contribution to the world. Welcome :)

  • Vision

    Propagating true education in the world is the noblest work for all.

    We believe that only worldly education is not the real education, but education along with ethical values and spirituality is real education.