Day School Election

Published On: June 22, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the results of the recent student elections at Gurukul. Our students have actively participated in voting to elect their School Captains, Vice-Captains, House Captains, and Vice-Captains, among other leadership roles. This democratic process has showcased the enthusiasm and commitment of our students to contribute to the vibrant life of our community.

The newly elected leaders will be instrumental in guiding their peers, organizing events, and ensuring effective communication between students and administration. Their roles encompass a wide range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing the overall student experience, including:

Planning and managing Sachool activities and events
Leading house competitions and fostering team spirit
Representing student concerns and suggestions to the school administration
Promoting a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the hostels and houses
We congratulate all the elected leaders and extend our best wishes as they embark on their leadership journeys. We are confident that they will inspire and lead by example, contributing to the continued success and harmony of our Gurukul community.