Hostel Room Assembly 104 & 106

Published On: June 24, 2024

Students from Room 104 and Room 106 actively participated in a lively room assembly where they showcased their diverse talents and skills through various activities. The event was attended by Swamiji, the hostel in-charge, and parents who joined online to witness the performances.

Activities Performed:
Speeches: Students delivered inspiring and thought-provoking speeches on a range of topics.
Quiz: An engaging quiz was conducted, testing the knowledge and quick thinking of the participants.
Kirtan Singing: Students sang soulful kirtans, adding a spiritual touch to the event.
Dhoon Singing: The melodious dhoon singing captivated the audience and created a harmonious atmosphere.
Event Highlights:
Scorers: Swamiji and the hostel in-charge acted as scorers, evaluating the performances and providing valuable feedback.
Parental Involvement: Parents had the opportunity to join the event online, enhancing the sense of community and support for the students.
The room assembly was a testament to the students’ hard work and dedication, as well as the supportive environment fostered by the school. It was a memorable event that celebrated the talents and efforts of the students from Room 104 and Room 106.