School Election 2024

Published On: July 10, 2024 , Updated on : July 11, 2024

Gurukul Election at SGIS Vidyanagar*

Jay Swaminarayan,

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School Vidyanagar recently held its eagerly anticipated Gurukul Election, fostering a spirit of democracy and leadership among students. The event saw the enthusiastic participation of elderly saints, Director Sir, and Principal Sir, who all cast their votes to select the new student leaders.

The election process included various key positions such as School Captain and Vice Captain, House Captain and Vice Captain, Class Monitor, and Discipline Incharge. Candidates passionately campaigned, showcasing their visions for their respective roles.

Students from classes 4 to 10 participated actively, engaging in the electoral process and demonstrating their commitment to upholding the values of the Gurukul. The election provided an excellent opportunity for students to experience the democratic process firsthand and develop leadership skills.

Following the election, the next event will be the Investiture Ceremony, where the newly elected leaders will be formally inducted into their roles. This ceremony will mark the beginning of their tenure, during which they will contribute significantly to the school’s growth and maintain discipline, fostering a positive and motivating environment for all.

Thank you,
Team VDN