Laxmi Puja Swaminarayan Gurukul

Laxmi Puja and Swaminarayan Puja

14th November, 2020 | Puja Time 05:30 PM, Joining Time: 5:00pm
Virtually at your Home via Zoom and YouTube.

This Year Let’s Perform Diwali Laxmi Puja virtually with your Gurukul.

For the Safety of Your Family during COVID-19,
Swaminarayan Gurukul Hyderabad has organized
Online Laxmi pujan by Panditji and Swamiji.
It is the same puja which you perform every year by a panditji
at your home but this year, due to COVID-19
Gurukul is providing Online platform to
perform puja safely at your home as per the Vedic rituals.

If you have not yet registered then Confirm your Participation by Registering

Note: Participant’s will join @ Zoom and Viewers @ YouTube, the Zoom Link will be shared on 14th.


  1. Material in the Puja list should be collected according to availability/convenience – (All are not mandatory, as devotion is more important in Puja).
  2. Puja should be performed by facing EAST or NORTH direction.
  3. Participants can perform puja along with couple & other family members.
  4. Participants should take bath and wear washed clean clothes in Puja.
  5. Make sure that your seating position is appropriate to see all the online rituals with instructions clearly audible.
  6. Kindly print a picture of Bhagwan Swaminarayan & laminate it if an idol(Murti) of Bhagwan Swaminarayan is unavailable at your home.
  7. Two idols(Murtis) of Bhagwan Swaminarayan are required in puja
    1. A4 Size (Big Murti)
    2. 4 x 6 inch (Small Murti)
  8. One idol(murti) of Laxmiji is required for puja.

Bhagwan Swaminarayan Murti – Printable

Swaminarayan Bhagwan Murti Forms


Material List for Laxmi Puja

101 Steel Plate Laxmi PujaPlates (plastic / steel etc.)4 to 6
202 Bowls For Laxmi PujaBowls (steel / plastic)10 to 12
303 Water Jug For Laxmi Puja1 Jug – Normal Water1
404 Spoons For Laxmi PujaSpoons (steel / plastic)8 to 10
505 Panchanamrut Mix Mixture Of Milk Curd Honey Sugar Ghee For Laxmi PujaPanchamrut Mix2 Glass
606 Shrifal CoconutShrifal (Coconut)1
7Dry Coconet For PujaGola (Dry Coconut)1
808 Kheel Sweet Puffed Rice For PujaKheel – Sweet Puffed Rice200gm
909 Loung Elaichi Turmeric Sticks For PujaLoung, Elaichi, Turmeric Sticks100gm
1010 Bataashe Sweets For PujaBataashe/Patasa sweets500gm
1111 Sweet Box For Puja2 Sweet packets (any)500gm
1212 5 Types Of Fruits Any For Puja5 types of fruits (any)each 1 / 2
1313 Dry Fruits For PujaDry Fruits3 bowls
1414 Shankh Conch For PujaShankh – Conch*1
1515 Durvaa For PujaDurvaa*
1616 Nadachedi Sacred ThreadNadachedi – sacred thread1
1717 Ghanta Small Bell For PujaGhanta – small bell1
1818 Akhand DeepAkhand Deep1
1919 Aagarbati PacketIncense sticks(Agarbatti)1
2020 Turmeric PowderTurmeric Powder1 small Packet
2121 Scent Small PujaScent1
2222 Kalash Copper Brass Steel For PujaKalash (copper / brass / steel)1
2323 Karpur PujaCamphor (karpur)1 small Packet
2424 Betal Leves Mango Leaves Puja 1Betal Leves / Mango leaves and Sopari – nuts10
25Kesar, Aabil, Gulal, Kumkum, Sandalwood powderSmall Packet
2625 Janve Jod Pair Of Holy ThreadJanve Jod (Pair of Holy thread)3
27Laxmi Puja ItemsAkshata (Rice Grains)500gm
28Wheat Grains PujaWheat grains200gm
2926 Cotton WicksCotton wicks2
30MatchMatch Box1
31Saraswati Devi Murti*1
32Swaminarayan Bhagwan Murti or Photo (1 small + 1 big)2
33Lakshami Devi Photo or Murtiany
34Ganesh Murti or Photo2
35Gold And Silver Coin Embossed With Picture Of Goddess LakshmiGold/Silver coin embossed Goddess Lakshmi, new Currency notes*2
36Chiller Coints For PujaChiller – Coints for Dakshina2
3727 BajothBajoth1 or 2
38Cloth To Cover Bajot Red For PujaCloth to cover Bajoth1
39Account Books For PujaCash Register/Accounts Booksany
40Red PensRed Pens2 to 3
41Bangles For PujaBangles etc. articles2
42Red White Cloth For PujaPiece of white and red cloth1 + 1
4343 Napkin Handy TowelNapkin/handy towel2
4444 SareesSarees1
45Tulsi Leaves For PujaTulsi patra (leaves)*15
4628 Banana LeavesBanana leaves*2 to 4
47Flowers Puja 1Flowers including Lotus, Flower Garland – 3500gm

 Item with * is Optional

Puja Arrangement Photo

After getting all the puja Materials, arrange the material for puja like shown in the image below. However, this to be done on the day of puja i.e. 14th Nov, 2020.


Laxmi Puja Material How To Arrange 1

Close Photos



Laxmi Puja Material How To Arrange 4


Laxmi Puja Material How To Arrange 3