1,11,636 Students Transformed Life, Be One of them

1,11,636 Students Transformed Life, Be One of them
1,11,636 Students Transformed Life, Be One of them

Best Residential School of India

Best Residential School of India
Best Residential School of India

What kind of world are we preparing for our children?

What kind of world are we preparing for our Children?
What kind of world are we preparing for our children?

Best International School

Best International School Award
Best International School

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School


Shree Swaminaryan Gurukul International School, with an vast experience of 70+ Years, has garnered a strong repertoire to become one of the best international schools in the country. The prestigious international school was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values and ethos. Swaminarayan Gurukul is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success oriented education program. The program empowers students to gain an indigenous as well as global perspective on various aspects. With its world-class campuses in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Gulbarga, Raipur, Solapur…

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Transforming Life


Modern Education

With a view to develop the virtues, character and patriotism in the young generation, Gurudev H. H. Shastriji Maharaj, by synthesizing the ideals of our ancient culture with modern education, established Gurukul. Today with its 30+ branches spread in this country and abroad, run by dedicated saints, are engaged in creating true citizens by imparting virtue based best education with following features.


Traditional Education

Today, with sophisticated and technology aided education, a child will learn things at a great speed/understanding while, in absence of our moral values and over exposure of media, he is also learning things that will destroy the core of humanity, respect, discipline, integrity and such. To meet these needs, Gurukul is proud to inculcate Sadvidya into your child.


Spiritual Education

This wonderful world & the opportunity that we are human beings, is a boon of Almighty. We experience that our materialistic life has taken away peace from us. That is not because it is our fate but because we are ignorant about the fact that we don’t realize our true self, our true soul and the omnipresence of God. Following inculcate strong foundations of spirituality into your child.

See what they say about us after passing from Gurukul

  • Two things I Learnt from Gurukul 1. Doing Tough things in Life, It is easy to go to Job every day but is hard to go to temple everyday It is easy to seat in front of TV for hours but it is tough to spent time with your grandparents. 2. I learnt how to be down to earth when you have Millions and billions of Money and even when you get Stronger and more power So, Whatever I am today, who every I am Today, I am Very Thankful to Swaminarayan Gurukul and Saints who has added this values in my Life.


    Management Science (The University of Texas at Dallas USA)

  • Shree Swami Narayan Gurukul International school is the best across the country for its excellence through Vidya, Sadvidya and Brahmvidya. It not only teaches us academically but also encourages us to be social and get to know Indian culture. Gurukul gives such an environment which helps students to be focused and disciplined. Gurukul make all the gates open for the students to choose and work on their passion.

    Madan Gowda KJ

    MBA Christ University

  • I was a student of Swaminarayan Gurukul International School from 2006-2010. My high school years at Gurukul were amongst the best years of schooling any one could aspire to have. Gurukul not only provided me with excellent academic opportunities but also provided a wide spectrum of extra curricular activities which helped me sharpen my inter personal skills.

    Milan S Bhojani

  • Jai Swaminarayan We will always be indebted for the fact that our children have got the knowledge of mental and physical education, mental development, and it is possible only in this institution in the era of professional education of today's education.

    Alok Agrawal


  • Good School in Ap


    government employee

  • Very Good School in Vijayawada



Since 1948

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Organization

@ Gurukul Rajkot

Our Vision

To see a world full of individuals at the highest level of humanity and spirituality

Our Mission

To transform each individual by giving them the power, opportunities and culture to attain the highest level of humanity

Humanitarian Services

Bottles Blood Donation
Kids, Youths & Women Mandals
Free Medical Aids to Patients
Earthquake & Tsumani relief Schools Built
Cattles Care
Temples Built
Spiritual Book Published
Check Dams

Testimonials By Personalities

Latest Updates

Awards and Achievements

  • Best School Award

    Among the chase of the best schools of Hyderabad, Andhra & Telangana in 21st century, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School has received this Award

  • Swachh Vidyalaya Award

    Shree Swainarayan Gurukul has recived Swatch Vidyalaya Award from the Govt.

  • Best Residential School in India Award

    Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School has been awarded India`s BEST SCHOOL among deserving schools in India (Jury’s Choice Award).