Kanishk Ravi Desai a multi-talented

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Published on : April 20, 2022 Updated on : April 20, 2022 Kanishk Ravi Desai a multi-talented

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is an educational foundation that was established in 1999, it supports children who are interested in Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Computer Science and English. This also brings out a competitive spirit and this helps improve the child’s knowledge and thinking capacity. It has its Head Quarters in Delhi.

Six Olympiad’s are held for all the 6 subjects. KANISHK RAVI DESAI participated in the NSO (National Science Olympiad) and achieved a ground breaking 44th national rank and 12th zonal rank.

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  1. Congratulations, Out of 68000 schools and 48 countries Master Kanisk Ravi Desai Achieved International 44th Rank.

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