Founder’s Day Celebration

Published On: July 9, 2024

At Gurukul School, we celebrated the birthday of Shastri Ji Maharaj with great reverence and joy. The day began with a special pooja conducted by Swamiji, attended by our dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students. As part of the festivities, students who excelled in the singing competition were awarded with special gifts as tokens of appreciation. Additionally, two talented individuals showcased their artistic talents by creating stunning drawings depicting Shastri Ji Maharaj, which added a special touch to our celebrations. Throughout the event, students shared their thoughts and reflections on the significance of Shastri Ji Maharaj’s birthday, creating a meaningful atmosphere filled with gratitude and respect. It was a memorable occasion that not only honored the teachings of Shastri Ji Maharaj but also fostered a sense of unity and cultural pride among our school community.