Silver Jubilee Celebration 2022 – Gurukul Hyderabad

Published On: October 14, 2022 , Updated on : February 20, 2024

Jay Swaminarayan!

In 2022, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Hyderabad completed 25 years & celebrated its Silver Jubilee On 2nd October 2022, on a grand scale. The Silver Jubilee was celebrated in the auspicious presence of Pujyapad Gurumaharaj Shri Devkrishnadasji Swami, Pujyapad Mahant Swami Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami, Pujyapad Sadguru Shri Gnanaswarupdasji Swami, Pujyapad Sadguru Shri Dharmavallabhadasji Swami & 80+ Saints.

Chief Guest

Chief Guest

  Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami (Founder, Statue of Equality and JIVA Trust)

  Shri N. V. Ramanagaru (Hon’ble Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court, India)

Dr. Ella Krishna Sir (Founder and Chairman of Bharat Biotech)

 Mr. Pragyan Ojha (Former Cricketer, Team India)


Major Events 

Video Gallery

Silver Jubilee Celebration, Highlights

Kamaldham Re-Inauguration & 51 Kundi Yagna, Highlights


51 Kundi Mahavishnu Yaag – 30 Sep, to 2 Oct, 2022

Indian culture is Vedic culture and Yagna is considered an integral part of Vedas. ‘Yagno Vai Vishnu:’ Yagna is a form of God. Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj has performed very big Yagya – Mahavishnu Yagya under the same tradition. By the wish of Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami, 51 Kundi Shri Mahavishnu Yaag was organized with 25 lakhs Aahutis on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Gurukul Hyderabad.

In which the first, on the morning of 30 September, 2022, Arani Manthan was completed under the guidance of Shri Rampriyaji & such pious Brahmins in the holy presence of all the students, sponsors & Pujya Devprasaddasji Swami in the prayerhall. Carrying Agni Narayan on the head, moving around all the Gurukul premises with the saints and students arrived to the Yagyashala. There completed the ritual of body cleansing in the yagnasala and started the yagya.

More than 30+ lakh offerings were made in this three-day Mahavishnu yaag with the mantras of the Sarvamangal stotram, the mantras of the Janamangal stotram and the mantras of the Sri Vishnusahastranam stotram. Offerings were made by 930 students, 250 parents & devotees and 50+ saints in this yagna. In this yagna, Mr. Nakul Harinarayan Vyas of Hyderabad, Mr. Mohit Naresh Agrawal, Mr. Madhubhai Hapani, B. Ramesh & Shri Shivrajji from Gulbarga and Jayeshbhai Varu took the privilege of the service as sponsors.


Kamaldham Re-inauguration – October 2, 2022 @ 9:00 AM

The Kamaldham Temple adorned in the front premises of the Hyderabad Gurukul with the beauty of a lotus was renovated and re-inaugurated on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration.

First at the entrance of the Kamaldham premises, Thakorji entered with Shrifal, Pujyapad Gurumaharaj, Mahant Swamiji and Dharmavallabhdasji Swami, along with many pious Saints and devotees. Then in front of the Kamaldham temple, the Garuda Stambha was worshipped with Vedic rituals.

Thakorji was worshiped in the front porch of Kamaldham temple and the logo of Kamaldham temple was floated in the sky by means of balloons and a new flag was hoisted on the top of the temple by Guru Maharaj. After that all the saints and devotees performed Rudrabhishek and Aarti on Shivlingam in the main temple where Vishnu, Shiva, Ganapati, Parvati and Suryanarayan Dev are established. Pujyapad Gurumaharaj blessed the sponsser of Kamaldham Renovation Mr. Roopchand Rajaram and co-sponsor Mr. Manohar Toshniwal with garlands.

“Gurukul Prasadam” on both sides of the Kamaldham Temple was inaugurated by Padramani of Thakorji and Saints.

Blood Donation Camp – October 2, 2022 @ 9:30 AM

Many saints, devotees and parents donated blood in this blood donation camp. A total of 1,62,750 cc (465 Bottles) of blood was donated during the Silver Jubilee Celebration. Pujyapad Gurumaharaj blessed Shri Premalbhai Dilipbhai Mehta, the sponsor of Blood Donation Camp.

Gau Poojan – October 2, 2022 @ 10:00 AM

Many saints, devotees and the sponsor Shri Ashok Saunthalia and all the saints and devotees worshipped the cow and gave jaggery, carrot and banana in the cow’s mouth.

Alumni Get Together – October 2, 2022 @ 2:00 PM

A total of 1028 Alumni of Hyderabad Gurukul attended the alumni get-together marking 25 years of Hyderabad Gurukul. In this convention, many students presented their experiences and shared old memories of Gurukul’s life. Shri Shukavallabhdasji Swami gave an enlightening & proudful speech

Pujyapad Devprasaddasji Swami and Dharmavallabhadasji Swami blessed all the Ex. students and talked about always being connected with Gurukul and Saints and helping each other in life and career and invited them to Rajkot Gurukul’s Amrit Mohotsav. In the end, the “MyGurukul” App was launched by the pious hands of Pujyapad Devprasaddasji Swami.

Gurukul Cricket Stadium Inauguration – October 2, 2022, @ 5:00 PM

“Gurukul Cricket Stadium” with massive day-night floodlights was inaugurated by Mr. Pragyan Ojha, who contributed significantly as a bowler for six years in the Indian cricket team. This cricket ground is made of international standard in which Gurukul students and outside cricket teams can also play day-night matches, and the goodwill of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Cricket Stadium will be famous all over India.


Silver Jubilee Ceremony

Deep Pragatya

At the beginning of the Silver Jubilee ceremony, Pujyapad Gurumaharaj, Pujyapad Mahant Swamiji, Dharmavallabhadasji Swami and the trustees and donors of Gurukul Hyderabad were present, and this historic ceremony was inaugurated by lighting the lamp. 

25 Years of History

In this function, a special report of 25 years of the historical journey of Gurukul Hyderabad from 1997 to 2022 was presented through video presentation.

Announcement of New Branch Gurukul Chennai

The new branch of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Rajkot Sansthan, Gurukul Chennai, was announced on the occasion of which Shri Mahendraji Naidu of Chennai, located in South India, donated 50 acres of land which was greeted with applause by all present

Blessings to Donors, Sponsors & Contributors

Pujyapad Gurumaharaj honoured Shri Kailashnarayanji Bhangdia, the donor of the land of Gurukul Hyderabad and the Patel family whose contribution lies in the foundation of Gurukul Hyderabad.

Blessings to Sponsors

The main sponsors & co-sponsors of the Silver Jubilee Celebration were blessed by Pujyapad Gurumaharaj with garland & momentos.

Main Sponsors:

Shri Laljibhai Patel, Shri Tulsibhai Goti, Shri Jerambhai Virani, Shri Dayalbhai Goti, Shri Rajubhai Patel, Shri Vipulbhai Sutaria (Dharmanandan Diamonds family, Surat) received the blessings of Pujyapad Gurumaharaj.


Shri B. Ramesh, Hyderabad and Shri Rakeshbhai Himmatbhai Dudhat

Gurukul Gaurav Award

25 Ex. students of Gurukul Hyderabad, who have resonated the pride of the Gurukul in the society with their special work and values and who has achieved a high reputation, were awarded with “Gurukul Gaurav” award by Pujyapad Gurumaharaj and N. V. Ramanagaru. All Gurukul Gems were blessed with the shower of the flower petals by Pujyapad Shukvallabhdasji Swami.

“I AM THE GURUKUL” Song Launch

Alumni Anthem – “I AM THE GURUKUL” Song was launched with the aim of keeping the sense of unity among all alumni of Gurukul and always remembering the Sanskar of Gurukul. 

Cultural Program

History has witnessed that art has played an important role in preserving our Vedic culture and values through the ages. The students of Gurukul Hyderabad presented a heart-breaking cultural program including the Dashavatar Dance, Welcome Dance and Patriotic Dance.

“My Kartavya” Drama

What is my duty as alumni of Gurukul? A Drama based on the true story of a Ex. student of the Gurukul was presented in order to always stay inspired to follow the sanskars of the Gurukul in life.

“Dharmajivan Amrut Kumbh” Award

On the occasion of Amrut Mahotsav of Rajkot Gurukul Sansthan, special personalities who have made a very special contribution to the upliftment of the society were felicitated with “Dharmajivan Amrut Kumbh” Award by Pujyapad Gurumaharaj.


Shri Tridandi Chinna Shrimannarayan Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Shri N. V. Ramanagaru

Dr. Ella Krishna Sir 

Historic Publication

“Shikshapatri” in Telugu language and “Ghanshyam Bal Charitra” in Telugu language were released to benefit Telugu society to enjoy the childhood sagas of Lord Swaminarayan. Along with these two books “Devotees Who Led By Example” and “Vachanamrut Chintan Part I” were also released in English language.

Editors and Translators of New Publications:

Shikshapatri (Telugu) – translated by Shri Saket Pravin sir (Teacher, Gurukul Jadcherla)

Ghanshyam Bal Charitra (Telugu) – translated by Shri Yugandhar Acharya & Shri Saket Pravin Sir

Devotees Who Led By Example (English) – Author – Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swamiji, Editor – Ramesh B (Dallas, USA)

Vachanamrut Chintan Part I (English) – Author – Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swamiji, Editor – Shri Harivandandasji Swami & Shri Tejasbhai Shah

Sponsors of New Publications:

Shikshapatri (Telugu) – Lakshmi Publication, Hyderabad

Ghanshyam Bal Charitra (Telugu) – Sai Likhita Printers, Hyderabad

Devotees Who Led By Example (English)– Shri Nangunuri Chandrasekhar – Chairman, Tirumala Bank

Vachanamrut Chintan Part I (English) – Shri Bhaveshbhai Pethani, Shri Bharatbhai Savalia, Shri Ketanbhai Vagdia, Shri Tejasbhai Shah

Opinions of Chief Guests

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji:

         There is a need to build a temple in the society, but there is an even greater need for the construction of a mind-temple, which Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is doing by imparting the spiritual knowledge and wisdom to the students. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is doing the work of bridging between gaps in today’s education system. 

Honourable Ex. Chief Justice N. V. Ramanagaru:

         Education is the most powerful means to change the world. The Combination of Modern learning & Spiritual learning is most necessary in today’s modern era which Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is providing to the society.


Dr. Ella Krishna Sir:

         I heard about Devalokam earlier, but I didn’t know how it is and where it is? After reaching Swaminarayan Gurukul I felt this to be true devalokam. I will tell you, young children! Don’t think that you are in a bad shape; but you will realize when you grow up. What moral values given to you, will give courage to you such that you can fight anything in the world, and I wish you all the best.

Speech Gallery
Dr. Krishna Ella (Founder & Chairman, Bharat Biotech)
Justice N V Ramanagaru (Ex. Chief Justice of India)


Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji (Founder – Statue of Equality, JIVA Trust)