World Education Summit – 2020

Published On: March 19, 2020 , Updated on : March 23, 2024

World Education Summit- 2020 dedicated to innovations in educational domain was held from February 21 to 22 at a hotel in Hyderabad. Top decision – makers shared their insights with on- the- ground practitioners and explained the various emerging opportunities and challenges in the education sector at present and in future. This most prestigious summit has invited the top educational institutions around the world to attend the event. Among these competent schools, a very few were shortlisted and invited to represent for the panel discussions. We are proud to say that, our Hyderabad Gurukul was one of these few shortlisted schools by the organizers in the category of panel discussion on “Challenges for Edu- Leaders.”

Mr. G. Santhosh Ram Chary, principal of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Moinabad campus, attended this summit and shared his innovative ideas in the education domain for formulating a more effective educational ecosystem. The ideas he presented at the meeting were appreciated by the organizers and attendees and considered as purely practicable based on ethical and moral principles of the profession.

He said, “We need to balance the expenditure and upgradation of technology with proper regulations. We have to focus on the inflows to ensure minimum wastage. This can control the need of additional fee hike regulation, which in turn can provide an excellent quality education with world-class facilities in the specified structure.”

We, at Swaminarayan Gurukul always follow an advanced method in natural and technical models to re-cycle and re-use of resources. We consider the skillful and “attitude to learn” for the employees can contribute more academic, cultural and inter-personal skill development of every child rather than high remuneration recruitment or other factors. This can in-turn reduce the burden on school expenditure as well, the need of unusual annual fee hike.

In this context, he also said that the quality in education will contribute to inclusive and holistic development of a child and his/her life skills. This in turn could be an initiative towards the wholesome development of the educational sector in terms of quality administration of the schools and upliftment of the standards.

These ideas are considered by the event organizers as purely ideal and practicable, based on ethical and moral principles of the profession as well as an inspiration to the non- commercialization of education. The Organizers highlighted these thoughts at their official websites, social account blogs like- Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and other magazines.

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