Youngest Drummer, A Gurukulite in India Book of Records

Published On: August 30, 2019 , Updated on : February 20, 2024

C H JAYANTH (born on Oct 31, 2003), a Day school alumnus of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School at Hyderabad has been awarded by “India Book of Records for his exemplifying achievement as a young drummer for playing drums and composing instrumental music using MIDI Digital sounds”.

A drummer is a musician who is an expert at playing the drum set. This is a percussion instrument typically composed of a bass drum, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, tom-toms and hi-hats. Drummers are integral to any band because they are responsible for the rhythm of the song.

He joined Gurukul during his primary education way back in the year 2012 and passed Class X CBSE Board exam in the year 2019 with the flying colours. Being a Gurukulite, he was always keen and enthusiastic to excel both in academic and non-academic areas.“He was always ready with his drumstick ready to rock the stage during any cultural event during all the years which he spent in the Gurukul family . He used to rank Music above all curriculum subjects”. During his college life also, he is still focussed on music and has chosen it as his career.


He is usually called by many artist associations, music groups, stage show organisers and several institutions till date for his extraordinary talent which makes the audience completely spellbound. His achievements include :-

  1. Received special Appreciation from Film Director RamGopal Verma for the Drum Cover I made in YouTube for his film tittle song of Movie “Killing Veerappan” (2016).
  2. Winner of Battle of Bands 2017 held at NALSAR.
  3. Played Drums at India’s biggest Kids Carnival in Mumbai (2017).
  4. Winner of Indywood National Talent Hunt 2018 (Winner of Solo Music – Category).
  5. India Book of records 2019 (Youngest drummer in India to compose an Instrumental Music track with a combo of digital music track and live drums).
  6. I featured in Popular newspapers such as The POINEER and Namasthe Telangana, 2019.
  7. Now I have started a Music band called NUNO – Nuclear Notes, a Fusion Band.


According to Jayanth,I got support from parents and music teachers. I feel very happy and feel blessed to have parents who are very supporting and very encouraging to achieve my passion and my goals. They have constantly supported me throughout till today for all my achievement. I got support from my school where I am very blessed to study from Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul School. HDH Viswamangal Swamiji and all my teachers have constantly supported me and motivated me. My school provided me the first stage to perform my passion for music & drums in the school ”.

Since the day of inception, Gurukul has not left any stone unturned to raise a child in all the dimensions – Academic, Physical, Recreational, Yogic, Spiritual, Co-curricular etc. Every Gurukulite is trained to practice Yoga. As per Vedas, Naad Yoga is the yoga of sound. When we hear a sound, whether expressed aloud or not. The mastery of that sound within ourselves enables us to shape our experience. We compose our life. Sound is at the core of human awareness.