Concreting of Nag River by Gurukulites

Published On: March 6, 2020 , Updated on : February 20, 2024


Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul international School Nagpur organized Edu Fair on 16 FEB, 2020 in that Educational functional students has make different – different kinds of Project like  Concreting of Nag River, Geographical Features of India, Indus valley civilization, Sports Gallery, Grammar Train, Magic Dustbin, Inorganic slurry, History of Maratha Empire, Seven Wonders of World, Astronaut, Pesticide spraying Cycle, Diversity of Festival, Live Volcanic eruption etc.

Amid these all projects “Concreting of Nag River” was highly praised by all Guest and Spectators.

Concreting of Nag River made 70kms surface area for the metro city Nagpur. Which helps the city, solving the problem of parking area, readily available space for Government offices (Post office) Playing area, Cold storage house, Go downs. The gas which is trapped inside the concrete roof is utilize as a biofuel for the region along with free available manure for the farmers along with various purification plants on concreting roof helps the city for water requirement in cleaning area, Gardens etc. Concreting of Nag River also provide ornamental look for the city.

Key Words

Concreting Roof, Free Space, Biofuel, Clean Water, Free Manure, Ornamental Look


Step 1:-    Constructing a Roof of 20feets from the ground surface which will allow free movement of water in Valley of Nag River. On each side of the roof outlets are setup for collecting biogas from the Nag River.

Step 2:-   This outlet helps the concreting roof from busting. Outlets are provided to biogas unit, which is present separately after 5kms on the roof of Nag River. Which makes biogas Cylinders readily available (in very chief cost).

Step 3:-   Check points of cleaning unit for water along with separating plastic waste is done by the purifying units in particular areas which make water clean for agriculture purpose separate the manure by mechanical machineries .

Step 4:-   Construction of office’s buildings (Government) , children’s playing areas,  free space for parking, construction of commercial shops and go downs.