Gurukul Suryapet Inauguration

Published On: October 16, 2022 , Updated on : February 20, 2024

Inauguration and Annual Festival of New Branch Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Suryapet 

The newly constructed magnificent Gurukul Building was inaugurated by Pujyapad Gurumaharaj Shri Devkrushnadasji Swami, Elder Swamiji Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami, Dharmavallabhadasji Swami and Shri Jagadish Reddy (Electricity Minister Telangana State)

Pujyapad Gurumaharaj, Elder Swamiji Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami,  Dharmavallabhadasji Swami and 50+ Saints and 4000+ devotees & parents remain present in the inauguration ceremony & the first annual festival of Gurukul Suryapet with great zeal.

Currently, 918 students are studying in their first year at Gurukul Suryapet. Gurukulites of Gurukul Suryapet won the hearts of Pujyapad Gurumaharaj, Elder Swamiji, saints, devotees and parents by presenting 10 cultural dances, 1 Drama, karate and pyramid performances.

The Annual Day Celebration:

UKG little toddlers mesmerized with their “Gummy bears” dance.  1st class students performed the “Bhambam bhole” dance social teacher Niranjan sir did dance along with them as Ameer Khan’s role parents felt happy with his performance. 2nd class students came with the “Cutie Pie” song it was good entertainment to parents with their cute steps.

Prizes were distributed to the PA-1 toppers and Spell bee National level winners Gurukul Suryapet got 2nd place in National level spell bee competitions.

Guruvarya Shree Devkrushndasji Swamiji gave his spiritual words and blessings to students, parents and teachers. Elder Swamiji Shri Devprasaddasji Swamiji gave his valuable words and blessings to all. Shree Dharmavallabdasji Swamiji preached his words. Pujyapad Gurumaharaj Honoured land donors Shri Rajeshwar Rao Garu,  Shri Prasanna Babu Garu with garland, murti and shawl. Pujyapad Gurumaharaj Honoured the entire Apoorva Team with a garland by divine saints.

Pujyapad Gurumaharaj blessed the Director, Hardik Sir, Principal Srinivas Anand sir and all the Transformers of Gurukul Suryapet. And Shri Gnanswsroopdasji Swamiji also blessed all with his valuable words.

3rd class students gave their massive performance with the “Rangastalam” dance. A “Matrudevo Bhava” drama performed by Telugu department Pavan sir, clerk Satheesh sir along with the 6th class student Kushleshwar which conveyed about Gurukul Sanskar and de-addiction with that drama parents realized that we had selected the right school to my child. Drama gave positive vibes to the ceremony.

VIP guest Dhiraj Bhai Kakdiya our Gurukul alumni present working as IIS in Delhi, talked about how Gurukul’s education helped him to be successful in his life.

7th standard students did a patriotic dance with an “Army Song”. Parents gave a huge round of applause to the students it proving that Swaminarayan Gurukul fills patriotic feelings in the students.. 4th class students came with the “Ethara Janda” song with photos of National leaders and remembered our National leaders who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Yoga teacher Nageswar Sir, along with students, did many Asanas on the stage. Pujya Swamiji was Surprised by their performance and appreciated the entire team.  6th class students performed Hanuman Concept with the “Hanuman song”, and parents stood up and congratulated students for their massive performance.. 5th standard Students performed “Shiva Song”; parents enthusiastically watched the student’s performance, and Pujya Swamiji was impressed & given a photograph with Shiva dressed up student Mokshith.

A massive karate performance was given by students on the stage it proved that Gurukulites are not only in education, spiritual and loyal when the time comes they will protect themselves with their muscle strength. With the direction of the physical education teacher, students did different types of pyramids on the stage and showed their unity in strength.

Respected Principal Srinivas Anand sir gave a speech about how Gurukul reached 900+ admissions in a short period, gave a vote of thanks and appreciated all the staff for collaborative teamwork. Then Served prasad to all the VIPs & Parents.

Pujya Swamiji appreciated the Director sir, Principal sir and all the Transformers of Gurukul, non-teaching staff and the entire team of Gurukul Suryapet. Also, we listened to many positive responses from all the parents, who said it is the biggest event in Suryapet !!!