Well Designed Curriculum
Well Designed Curriculum
Well Designed Curriculum
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Well Designed Curriculum
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Well Designed Curriculum
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Well Designed Curriculum
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Well Designed Curriculum
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Well Designed Curriculum
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Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul NTPC Lara builds

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Cultivating ‘Dynamism’

Empowering students to embrace learning with enthusiasm and energy, fostering an active academic and personal growth environment

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Building ‘Curiosity’

Nurturing a lifelong passion for exploration and discovery, encouraging students to question and seek knowledge

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Inspiring ‘Knowledge’

Inspiring students to set and pursue high aspirations, emphasizing perseverance and goal achievement

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Encouraging ‘Creativity’

Cultivating innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, encouraging originality and inventive solutions

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Fostering ‘Leadership’

Developing responsible, ethical leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to society

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Deepening ‘Gratitude’

Instilling a sense of appreciation for blessings, fostering positive attitudes and generosity

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Spreading ‘Empathy’

Encouraging understanding and compassion, promoting kindness and social harmony

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Upholding ‘Integrity’

The quality of being prudent by Intention, Attitude, behaviour u0026 action. Develops good source


Advocating ‘Non – Violence’

Every living being is part of moral fabric, Nobody can seize their right to live for one’s own benefit.

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Freedom from ‘Bad Habits’

Promoting healthy, disciplined lifestyles free from detrimental habits, emphasizing well-being and self-control


Strengthing ‘Faith’

Having strong conviction u0026 faith in Spiritual Scriptures u0026 God as ultimate existence and shelter for souls.

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Elevating ‘Devotion’

Having immense love u0026 affection for God with the devotional practices like chanting god’s name, seva, etc.

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Achieving ‘God Realization’

Inspiring awareness of the divine presence within and around, guiding students towards spiritual enlightenment

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Embracing ‘Non – Attachment’

Developing a wisdom of detachment from materialistic objects. Encouraging students to find joy and fulfilment in spiritual richness.

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Nurturing ‘Affection with Saints’

Having strong emotional bond u0026 unconditional affection with real Saints u0026 Devotees. Inspiring students to emulate virtuous qualities in their lives.

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Awakening ‘Self-Realization’

Awakening to one’s true nature, fostering inner peace and fulfilment through personal discovery.

Academic Features at Swaminarayan Gurukul

Holistic Development of Child with Indian values with access to modern Technology.



Blends academics with moral and spiritual values

Education Care

Education Care

Individual attention, nurturing students' potential

Student - Teacher Relations

Student – Teacher Relations

Focused, personalized learning environment

Learning Systems

Learning Systems

Innovative and interactive learning methodologies

National &Amp; International Tours

National & International tours

Experiential learning through global exposure

Project Work

Project Work

Hands-on projects fostering critical thinking

Student Support

Student Support

Comprehensive support for all-round development

House System

House System

Promotes teamwork, leadership, and healthy competition


Parents, Students, Teachers Testimonials

An esteemed collection of heartfelt testimonials from parents, students, and dignitaries, showcasing the transformative impact and excellence of our institution.

Parents, Students, Teachers Reviews

An esteemed collection of heartfelt testimonials from parents, students, and dignitaries, showcasing the transformative impact and excellence of our institution.

Parent Student Teacher Review Quote Icon

I Brought my son here like a Stone and I am very very happy to say today that he has converted into diamond, They are the best cutters who transformed the life of My Child.


Mr. Subramaniam father of Hariharan

Tech Mahindra Ltd. Associate Manager

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The management is good and it is contributing in a positive way to teachers, students & parents. We are working as a team under guidance of the Management & Principal. Every teacher is trying to give their best for the overall excellence of the students.


Mr. Bharat Parchani

HOD Science

Parent Student Teacher Review Quote Icon

We are grateful to Swaminarayan Gurukul for maintaining cultural heritage of our Country by moulding it's students as Good Human Beings. Trained multifaceted personalities with strong convictions and good decision making even in odd times.


G Suryanarayana Raju

MS., MCh., FRCS.,FUICC Associate Dean

Parent Student Teacher Review Quote Icon

My son Meet studied in Hyderabad Gurukul. in 2008, and 2009. Unbelievable change it brought in! One of the most outstanding institutes I have seen in my 50 years of life and 23 years as a civil servant. Saints' unflinching commitment and facilities par excellence coupled with the highest moral education makes...


Dr. Dhiraj Kakadia

Secretary, Press Council, Government of India

Parent Student Teacher Review Quote Icon

I Started my Journey from Gurukul where the seeds of Growth and development has come as well as learnt a lot of things from gurukul and saint who didn't just give me Great education but built my character as well. today whatever I can see I give sole credit to gurukul and...


Darshak Bhatt | A Gurukulite

CEO | Adunitplus, Hyderabad

Parent Student Teacher Review Quote Icon

To me, Gurukul is much more than a school, it’s an institution that molds entire futures. Coming into Gurukul with a plethora of learning differences, Gurukul has not only helped me academically, but truly helped me better understand myself, inner spiritual side and my capabilities. From the start, each student is informed...


Chintan Haresh Mehta

Assistant Vice President - Marsh & McLennan Companies

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