Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier.

Published On: March 17, 2023 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

Have you ever thought about what inspires you more – success stories or the failure stories???

Let me answer your confusion here. It’s a failure story of successful people which inspires us more. 

If you ask me how, here’s an answer- success stories will let you know about their great work, but failure will let you know about the mistakes they did and learning from other’s mistakes is a quality of a smart person. Therefore, reading failure stories is also important.

Failure” a word, under which millions and billions people have buried from the creation of the universe to till date.

Failure is a part of life, not the end of life. It is not the opposite of success, but it is a part of success. We just need to learn from that mistake which led us to failure.

It happens to everyone at some point of life and the one who overcomes it, is truly successful. For one success, a hundred failures is acceptable, Unless the same mistake twice should not be the reason behind failure.

tell me,

Who is the biggest animal in the jungle???

Elephant, right??

Who is the cleverest animal in the jungle??

fox, right??

Who is the fastest animal in the jungle???

Cheetah, right??

Who is the tallest animal in the jungle??

giraffe , right??

Did you see the name of lion anywhere in these names.???

No, Still the lion is the king of the jungle. why?? 

Because he is the king because of his courage, because of his daring. He fails to find his prey every seven out of ten times. Even if he has to starve for 10-15 days, he will never eat grass. Every time the lion falls, He rises again to find a new victim. After failure of getting his prey he neither get depressed nor he think for suicide like today’s generation, because he has unshakeable faith on his power and enough belief that whoever may his prey, he can’t free himself from his claws and jaws.

A lion can think and act like this, then why can’t we???? we surely should think about it.


The Failure of a Successful.

This is a real incident of a man who has shaken the lives of many so-called wise and wealthy people. There was a boy from Bangalore, who was very brilliant. In all standards he was first. He always scored 100% marks in science.

 Now such boys generally become engineers or doctors. so he also opted for engineering and got selected in IIT CHENNAI. He did B Tech. from there. Then he went to the USA for further studies from there. He completed his further studies from there. He did his M Tech. and then There he did MBA from University of California.

 It is obvious that he always topped there too. Now after studying so much, He gets a good job there. He Started working there. He got a multi-million dollar package. He got so much wealth that he had purchased a five bedroom house. He had three luxurious cars in his garage. Then He  married a very beautiful girl. 

Now we can not imagine a more ideal life in today’s time, especially for an Indian. After being educated he became an engineer, settled in America. He had a High paying job, a good lavish house, a beautiful loyal wife, and three cute children. What more can a man ask for in his life? They were having all the luxury one can think of. They were having Happiness, Happiness and only Happiness…… 

So what future do you see for that engineer boy?????? 

Everything looks fine, but no, two years ago on same date he committed suicide there in America. Not only did his life end, but before he shot a bullet on his head, he shot first his sweet mother, then to his all three cute children one by one and then his beautiful wife with two bullets……

What went wrong???

Where did the mistake happen???

After all, what happened????

Before taking this step he discussed with all his family members. Then wrote a long suicide note and justified his this step and even wrote that this was the best way to overcome from these circumstances…..

His case and that suicide note have been studied by the California Institute of Clinical Psychology. what went wrong and what was the reason for this failure.

When the police interrogated their neighbors after this incident, one of them said that, “In my 70 years of life, I have never seen such a loving family, he never talked in a loud voice to his wife, he was loving his kids so much, he was a very kind nature person. Even I am also curious to know how did this happened, how did he got the courage to shoot??”


It so happened that he lost his job in the economic recession of America after COVID. He sat vacant for many days and he kept looking for jobs. 

He kept on reducing his salary even then also he did not get any job. At a point of time, he was unable to pay installment of that five-bedroom house. He was ready to sell that house, but unfortunately there was no one to buy it. Then the time came when he was about to come on the road because his house was about to be sealed by the bank. Some days he worked on a petrol pump to get bread for six of them. He tolerated all this for a whole year and then finally committed suicide “happily” not only this but his family also agreed for it “happily“.

Yes, he has written in suicide note that……. “We all are very “happy” that now everything will be alright. All the troubles will end because we will end.”

That Experts who were studying this case, have concluded one sentence summary of 853 pages case study like this ” This man was programmed for success, but he was not trained, how to handle failure”.

Let’s take a look at his life from the beginning. He was very smart in studies, always came first. I know many parents wants their son or daughter to be the same, their child should always come first. There should not be any mistake with them. If they make a mistake, parents will act as if they have committed a big sin.

He was consistently first in his class. so he never had tested how it feels to come second or third. Not even failed in any subject. He never lost his race of study. In short, he never had an experience of failure in his life. If he had experienced failure when he was a kid, He might be alive today. 

His life never taught him that even after falling one can get up. Life does not end after falling.

Since such children are a bit more educated, these people get less chance to play in mud or muddy water, to roam freely without parents, to have fights and settlements with their friends, winning or losing bicycle races etc. they only had one work after finishing their study of a subject, is studying another subject. 

When he was in school, he was under the burden of constantly coming first in class. After he finished his schooling, the burden of engineering college fell on the poor man. When he came out from there, he did MBA. And while he was still studying, he got a job with a high salary. Now, a high salary is a big responsibility with a big target. 

So, the car of his life was going in fifth gear and with full speed, suddenly he found a speed breaker where he just needed to decrease the speed, needed a pause for some time. If he had passed 2-3 years of hardship with courage, then the road would be bigger and better for his further destination. But unfortunately, he didn’t….

This world is very harsh and so is life too. It takes different exams on every step of life. life sets its own separate question paper and all questions come in that are out of the syllabus.

life doesn’t care about the degree and mark sheet. It doesn’t matter how many marks you get in your exams. It is all about how you tackle every hurdle of your life-long marathon.


Let Them Stand by Themselves. 

Once upon a time the summer camp was organized in school. Parents were coming to drop off the kids. Many children used to come in Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

There was a boy. It must have been somewhere between 9-10 years old who suddenly started crying loudly. That child fell down and got a slight injury on his forehead. He was crying because he saw blood on his hand while he touched his forehead. 

 After some time his father came. His father was screaming Like crazy.” My child has a head injury. You guys haven’t taken him to the hospital or called a doctor for him. It’s a case of head injury. you guys don’t work properly. you are careless. How did this happen to a child? What if something happens to him? It was such a big accident. May God not do like this to anyone.” 

Then he went to a neurology hospital. There that boy’s father was talking about CT Scan, brain hemorrhage and even Plastic surgery would be required to do.

But finally the doctors of that hospital put a BANDAID and said Don’t take too much tension. There is nothing to worry about, it’s just a little scratch.” and sent them Home.

So,This is how parents spoil their children. What do the parents of today’s generation want to make of their children ??

when will these spoon fed children be able to bear the struggles of life??

Whether you teach a kid the value of winning or not, you must teach him what it feels to lose, what it feels to fail. Actually a brilliant kid will never fail in studies. But, he may not be as brilliant at sports, don’t force them to study every time, let them go in the sports field. let them play on the ground, let their knees scratch, let them have cuts and wounds, let them hurt, let them feel the pain, they also should know Apart from studies, what other difficulties they may face. There he will know how to win and what is the pain of loss.

The Grand Edifice of Success is Built on the Foundation of Failure.

There is verse in the Kathopanishad

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ॥(3.14)

“Arise, awake, find out the great man and learn from them; this road is as difficult as walking on sharp edges of razor ,and going another side” say the sages.

No matter how wealthy you are, bad times can come anytime. Teach your children to live in minimal necessity, teach them to lose and after losing, teach them to stand up for victory.

You may have a lot of money and you always travel by flight or you never travel without a four wheeler, but give your child the experience of sleeper class or general class of a train or even some time tell them to travel by an autorickshaw. Some time force them to Sleep on the ground or sleep without an air conditioner. Teach them that Sometimes life can be lived with limited resources too. life is not over if they lose. They will also know that sometimes you will have to accept defeat, we are not the best, there is someone better than us.


They Didn’t Fail, They Learned

Some examples of failure stories of successful people.

1) he left his home at a young age, he sold tea at railway station, he was embroiled in one of the most blood-bathed controversies in the country. When he stood in the election, all other parties were against him and eager to defeat him. Later he became CM of a state, PM of a country and one of the most powerful leaders of the world.

This person is our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi.

2) He was fired from a Missouri newspaper for not being creative enough. but, today His cartoon creation company is generating $30 billion in revenue a year. 

This person is Walt Disney.

3) He has seen poverty from very near, he was selling goods while studying. At the age of 16, he worked at a gas station. He worked as a clerk also, but later he became the first Indian entrepreneur who has listed his company under Forbes 500. And today his next generation is the richest in India.

This person is Dhirubhai Ambani.

4) He didn’t study for more than 5 years throughout his whole life because of poverty, lost eight elections, failed twice in business, lost his mother, and later his fiancé. He paid the debt for 17 years. He was in bed for six months after a total nervous breakdown. and finally he became the most eminent and greatest president in the history of the United States.

This person is Abraham Lincoln.

5) He was raised by adoptive parents. He got fired from the company he created after an altercation with the board of directors. He went on pilgrimage to India, after returning he sold his minibus, started a tech company in his garage. And today his company sells the highest number of mobile phones in the world.  When he died in 2011, his net worth was $10.2 billion.

This person is the former CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs.

These are a few well known examples of people who learned from their mistakes and grew from failure to super success. 



Don’t make your children so soft from the beginning. Until a certain age pampering is ok, but if you do it  for life long, then the result will be very dangerous. Train them to tolerate the shocks of this cruel world. They will be thankful to you.

Don’t serve them on a golden plate, with a silver spoon, let them struggle, let them fail and rise again.

Give your children the training to survive in this dangerous jungle from now itself.