Leap of Faith in Lap of God

Published On: March 9, 2023 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

What makes God “THE GOD“?

G = Generator

O = Operator 

D = Destroyer 

The Generator have Generated this world out of nothing (science says this world is created from a huge explosion, known as the Big Bang means there was nothing before that), he is operating this world very systematically (like rotation of sun, growing of the tree, changing of weather, feeding animals and many more things) and he will destroy whole universe in the fraction of the second whenever he wants.


Trust of God 

Having faith in God is having trust upon god that Whatever happens, it happens by the will of God. We are the ones who performs, the one who makes us perform is God. God knows everything we are going through at this very moment and everything we will go through in the future. He knows the best way to handle every situation. so, to get the best possible outcome and we need to trust upon him. 

Just because some people are atheists and don’t believe in a God, and some others are agnostics, it doesn’t deny the existence of a Creator whom we call God.

         Some people may not believe in god but they believe in the Big Bang theory, that everything came out of a chemical explosion, but who caused that explosion, who made it happen??? and how did a unique being like a human with 30 trillion cells, with an intelligent brain and a heart come into existence? Who created the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the animals and the flowers and innumerable species to live upon earth??? There is no doubt that there is a Creator whom we call God.

If science says this world is made of big bang, then can you make this world using explosion.

I think no we can’t. “Only God is a genuine Creator, who can create something from absolutely nothing. ‘People change, fashions change, conditions and circumstances change, but God never changes. god is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.”


Can We See the God?

I heard many people say that they want to see god. We surely can see him but, do we have vision to see him? Does our mind have the capacity to store his real life view? even We need a microscope to see some small creatures which we can’t see with our naked eye. Then, how can we see the Lord sitting inside those creatures?  when Bhagwan Shri Krishna show Arjun his Vishwaroopam, Arjun said “oh god please be normal my eyes can’t bear this. you were fine as Krishna I can’t see you” .so even if god show Arjun what he real is, he was unable to see then how can we Because, we are far behind in every way compared to Arjun.

God is usually viewed as the supreme being, creator, and principal object of faith. God is typically conceived as being omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent, as well as having an eternal and necessary existence.

If you trust in him with the things that you want most, he will take care of it. He knows what is best for your life. If you feel like your goals are hard to achieve or even impossible, think again. Anything is possible with faith. He has planned everything and will help you through anything, all you have to do is have faith.

A horse that runs in a race does not know why his owner is hitting him and why he is running, but he knows that my owner will get me to do something good which will result in great success. and the horse who has faith upon his master, bears the pain of stick, will be the first in every race. Similarly, a believer in God will never think that why I am suffering so much, he will think that I am suffering because I have the strength to bear it and my god knows it very well.

He knows what you are going to do tomorrow, next month and years down the road. Do not doubt his plan, because he knows all and he has a perfect plan.


A Seed of Faith 

A seed of faith buried deep in the ground has a shell of protection around it to protect it from the harmful elements. When a sapling sheds the protection of the seed to poke its head above the ground, it is vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, and animals. But its roots keep it tethered to the ground. And the tugs of the wind and the rain actually help to strengthen the sapling into a tree that can withstand tornado. Your faith is the same.

faith is “trusting in something you can not explicitly prove or explain why.


“Have Faith, It Works” 

let me tell you one story of a faith upon god, one tourist lost his way in the desert. The sand was glittering like gold that much hot it was. He could not find his way back, and the water in his bottle was dried.

He was in desperate search of water. Otherwise, he will die due to dehydration.

As he struggled walking in the desert, he saw a small hut at a distance.

Initially, he thought it was just an illusion. But he continued walking towards it, and as he reached closer, he realized it was real one.

He opened the door and found nobody was there. It seemed like the place was in abandoned condition for a long time. 

He was surprised to see a hand water pump, he started pumping, and there was no sign of water. And he continued his effort and gave up due to exhaustion.

He started searching the hut for any other source of water. Then he found a bottle of water hidden in the corner.

He was happy, and when he was about to drink the water, he found a piece of paper attached.

It was written in the paper, “Please use this water to start the pump. It works. After you have done, do not forget to refill the bottle again.”

After reading the message in the paper, he went into a dilemma, “Will the pump work if I use this water?”

He drank the water and filled his bottle. Then he got refreshed and refilled the bottle from the hut.

He stayed in the hut for some time and looked around.

Then he saw a pencil and a map explaining the direction to the nearby village from the hut location.

He was happy that his faith in the water pump worked. Similarly, he believed that the map would direct him in the right direction.

Then he wrote in the paper, “Have faith. It works.”

 And he kept both the bottle and paper to the exact place from where he took. So, in our life, there will be times when we need faith upon god, the moment we start believing in god’s plan, whatever circumstances may be, things will fall in our place.

In the 14th vachnamrut of sarangpur Bhagwan shree Swaminarayan said that “When the end comes to the soul who does not believes in god, the Yamadut appears to him and he forgets the body and faints. and Then Yamadut separates the soul and body then he suffers the immense pain. his soul gets phantom body in yampuri. And that phantom body bears the torture of yampuri. And a wise person who is a devotee of God sees God or a saint of God when the last time comes and he also forgets the body and falls into a fainting state. Then it leaves the body without pain, then it gives the devotee Bhagavati Tanu (divine body) and by that body it stays in divine abode of God (akshardham).

Now I will tell you the story of how believing in the words of a saint and god can change your fate and death both. In Vaghaniya village of amreli district there was one man named Valabhai. He was not a devotee of Lord Swaminarayan but he was well familiar with our saints. 

He was very sick and his whole body was suffering due to pain and from someone he heard that Swami Krishnacharandasji (disciple of Gunatitanand swami) has come to their village. he requested one of his relative devotee to tell Swamiji to visit him.

Swamiji came to their home, valabhai was crying and told to Swamiji “Swamiji, Now I can’t bear this pain, I’m dying of pain. please, relieve me from this pain. You are a saint of God, only you can do something.

Swamiji said “ok, I can do it but, with two conditions. First come in the shelter of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, have rosary in neck, start the mala of chanting Swaminarayan mahamantra. and second be ready to go akshardham the divine abode of Shreeji Maharaj.

Valabhai said “no Swamiji, I don’t want to die this much early, I want to see my grandchild’s marriage. I just want relief from this pain.”

         Swamiji said “it won’t happen if you are willing to go akshardham then only I will do and as you got your child married, your child will marry his child. This is what we have been doing for the last all births, worrying about our next generation. This is the only birth in which you can emerge from it all” After convincing by Swamiji and his family he said ” ok, I am ready.”

Swamiji gave water in his hand, recited sharanagti mantra, put rosary to his neck and gave mala. he closed his eyes and started reciting Swaminarayan mantra. Swamiji said “now I am going to temple if I will be here and valabhai will pass away then I will have to follow sutak. (on someone’s birth or death one cannot perform religious rituals for few days). Maharaj will soon come and he will take vallabhai to akshardham.”

In the mid-way to temple, one boy came to Swamiji and said “vallabhai went to akshardham“while his last time valabhai was saying to his family ” look Shreeji Maharaj has come, he has white turban on his head, in one hand walking stick and in another hand mala, all white clothes and garland of white flowers, and how innocently he is calling me with him, now I am going with him. JAI SWAMINARAYAN to all.

So, this is how real faith in real saints can do miracles.

What scripture and saints say is very true, just we need to have faith upon that. there is no signature and stamp of God on any scripture but, just we require to read it with full devotion and faith, that’s enough. If a mother tells a child that this is your father, then the child will never think whether it is him or not. He will believe it with faith, he won’t say her no, I don’t believe you first I will have DNA test then I will call him father.

Whatever all those saints have written in the scriptures is the essence of their personal experiences with God and their guru’s grace. If we think that, first I will try and examine all this and then I will believe it, then this life will be finished but we won’t get any conclusions.


What to Do Now?

So, we will have to believe undoubtedly that what is written in our holy scriptures and what saints says is 100% true, this will make our faith upon god increase and ultimately we also can attain salvation and get divine abode of Shreeji Maharaj THE AKSHARDHAM…