Life Changing Habits : Eat Right Food

Published On: June 3, 2020 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

Richard Attenborough, who was a famous film director & producer in England .He went through the biography of Mahatma Gandhi. He got highly inspired by the life of Gandhiji & he made a film Gandhi, which was released in 1982. Ben Kingsley played the role of Gandhiji in the film

But while shooting, Ben Kingsley was unable to bring the exact expressions of Gandhiji on his face in the beginning.As Gandhiji is the man of truth & non-violence, Ben kingsley is unable to express that compassion, kindness & selfless love on his face.They stopped the shooting. Whole team began to find out the reason. Some Indians suggested that Ben Kingsley is unable to express the emotion of compassion & kindness because he is from the non-vegetarian background


How can he express the emotion of compassion & kindness with eating Non-veg food ? Finally Ben Kingsley stopped eating non-veg food & again he prepared himself for the role of Gandhiji. After a week they took few shots but now everybody surprised to see the real expressions & emotions of Gandhiji on the face of Ben Kingsley. All congratulated Ben Kingsley & said YES, this is what we wanted to see on your face

Dear Friends,
Could you understand anything from this real incident ? Why was Ben Kingsley not able to express the emotion of compassion & kindness on his face ?What was the REASON ?Reason was the FOOD he used to eat, the reason was the NON-VEG food he used to eat

Whatever food we eat has great IMPACT on our Mind, on our thoughts, on our emotion, in our expressions. What kind of food we eat reflects on our face also. In this world, we see different kinds of people around us like. Good people, bad people. violent, kindful. selfish, selfless. lustful, loveful. greedy, generous. corrupt,honest. Spiritual, materialistic. Devotional, dramebaaz. ikewise many kinds of people….

Did you ever think, what are the factors which make them good or bad, violent or kindful, selfish or selfless, corrupt or honest, devotional or dramebaaz ? There are 2 life changing FACTORS which are potential enough to MAKE our life & also BREAK our life These 2 factors play major role to develop a great life & they also play a major role to destroy a great life. What they are ? Do you want to know that ? Yes or No

If your reply is YES, then first of all take Take note & pen & keep writing the points form this video session. FOOD & FRIENDSHIP
In Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, it is said as Ahar & Vihar – युक्ताहारविहारस्य युक्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु – Gita.Today we will talk about Food & for friendship we will talk in our next video session

It’s said in छांदोग्य उपनिषद that…

अन्नमशितं त्रेधा विधीयते – Eaten food gets converted in 3 things in a body
तस्य यः स्थविष्ठो धातुस्तत्पुरीषं भवति – External part of the food gets converted in excreta
यो मध्यमस्तन्मांसं योऽणिष्ठस्तन्मनः – Middle part of food gets converted in flesh & sutle part of the food gets converted in Mind

Conclusion is…As is the FOOD so is the MIND – जैसा अन्न वैसा मन. What we eat & drink affects our Mind, our thoughts & emotions. Same thing proven by Harvard University also Whatever we eat & drink directly affects the structure and function of our brain and, ultimately, our mood.Our Food affects our Mood. If a person drinks alcohol then he will lose control of his mind, his body, his behavior will change completely, he will lose his balance, why ? Because of that DRINK, it affects our mood. When we eat so much at the time of lunch then we feel sleepy, we get dozing, our mind becomes idle & lazy, Why? Because food affects our Mood. What kind of food we eat will determine our happy mood or sad mood, fresh mood or tired mood If you want to MAKE your MOOD GOOD then make your FOOD GOOD

Let me tell you the Eye-opening incident from Mahabharat

In Mahabharat war, Arjun has pierced the body of Bhishm Pitamah with number of arrows & Bhishm fell down on the bed of arrows. He was having the boon of DESIRED DEATH, so he didn’t die. After 18 days of Mahabharat war Pandava got the victory later all Pandavas, Lord Krishna & Draupadiji came to meet Bhishma Pitamah who was sleeping on the painful bed of arrows. Bhishm Pitamah started giving sermon of Dharm to Yudhisthir & other pandavas. While Bhishm Pitamah was giving the great sermons of Dharm, Draupadiji got smile on her face

Bhishm Pitamah noticed this & asked, dear daughter, why did you smile ? Any resson ? Draupadiji said, No, I am sorry, Again Bhishm Pitamah asked, please tell me why did you smile now ?Then Draupadiji said, oh grandsire, what a great sermon of Dharm you are giving now but when Dushasan was pulling my sarees in front of the whole Kuru Assembly, at that time where was this knowledge of Dharm ? Why didn’t you stop Duryodhan & Dushasan from insulting me ?

Then what Bhishm Pitamah replied to Draupadiji, you must listen very very carefully
Bhishm Pitamah said, dear daughter, YOU ARE RIGHT, I COULDN’T STOP DURYODHAN & DUSHASHAN. Because I was eating the food of Duryodhan so, I had lost my MORAL COURAGE to go against Duryodhan & favor the Dharm, I was helpless !

But in war, Arjun has pierced my whole body with the arrows, now the blood made of the food of Duryodhan lost from my body. So now I regained that pure knowledge of Dharm

Dear Friends,
This is the EFFECT of FOOD on our MIND, on our Knowledge, on our Moral Courage, on our Sanskar. Wrong Food, wrong people’s food can corrupt your Sanskar, it can destroy your Moral Courage. What kind of food you eat, whose food you eat will determine the stability or instability of Sanskar & Morality in your life

Sometime you also go to eat the food in Hotel or restaurant

But you don’t know how they prepare the food, who prepare the food in the restaurant & hotel. Before you eat the food of the hotel & restaurant….Are you sure that cooks have taken baths before preparing food ?Are you sure that cooks have washed their hands after using the toilet ?

Are you sure that cooks are not having any addiction to smoking, tobacco or alcohol ? Are you sure that cooks have not sprinkled his sweat in the food ? Now you just think, if you will eat such food prepared by such disgusting cooks, disgusting materials, in a disgusting way what kinds of thoughts would you get in your mind after eating such food? I can’t say everything on YouTube video sessions but there are many such invisible realities about the hotel & restaurant which affect our life badly !They don’t wash the vegetables properly & sometimes they use spoiled vegetables also

They don’t wash vessels for the second round of cooking – Everyday they will use the same unwashed vessels.They cook the veg food in non-veg food vessels.They offer you veg food in a nice dish but it has been prepared in non-veg vessels

Unknowingly you become a non-veg eater, unknowingly you become a SINNER ! One more fact I will tell you, mostly the owners of the hotel will never eat in a hotel, why ? Because they know how they are preparing food in hotel & restaurant Hotel food is not a healthy food. But people get attracted by the TV Ads of such food restaurant & they go to hotel & restaurant

But remember one thing that they are not running hotel & restaurant not to improve your HEALTH, they are running the hotel & restaurant for their PROFIT. They don’t care your health, your life they just care their Benefits & their PROFIT. They just serve you the delight food but not the right food

Instead if you always eat the food prepared by your Mother or Sister, they prepare it with love & affection for you, Such food will enhance your good thoughts & good health also So my
dear Students, EAT the RIGHT Food don’t eat the DELIGHT Food. Eat the HOME-MADE food, don’t eat the HOTEL-MADE Food

छांदोग्य उपनिषद –
आहारशुद्धौ सत्वशुद्धि सत्वशुद्धौ ध्रुवा स्मृति :।
(Purified Food leads to Purified Mind, Purified Mind leads to Constant Memory of God)
You can’t realize God without the RIGHT food


What is called RIGHT Food ?
Right food includes 2 things,
Both Quality of food & quantity of food affect our Mind, our Mood

What comes under the RIGHT QUALITY of Food ?
Before you Eat anything, Ensure these 3 criterias




What comes under RIGHT QUANTITY ?

Remember this Fitness Mantra :Eat less than your hunger & drink more than your thirst Bad Habit : Eating So Much. Many students have habit of eating so much they graze like a goat whole day any time anywhere, anything. They eat in the classroom also. They are like a Goat, they will always be hungry !I know many of you eat snacks secretly in the classroom while sir is teaching on board !But this habit is very bad for mental fitness as well as for physical fitness. Because excessive food breaks the concentration of Mind,it makes our mind lazy & idle. After eating so much if you sit for reading, your mind won’t be able to remember what you read. Excessive Eating increases obesity, sleep, Laziness & idleness

Dear Friend,
Saints live very healthy lives. Do you know why ? Because Saints have prasad just once in a day (Swami Photo)So they remain so FIT mentally & physically So EAT at the time of EATING, in morning as breakfast, afternoon as lunch & in evening as dinner but not at the time of READING & STUDY. Don’t graze like a Goat

So, My dear Friends

Do you want to live a long life ? Do you want to live a Happy life. Do you want to live a Sanskari Life. Do you want to live a Spiritual Life? If your answer is YES, then always EAT RIGHT FOOD with RIGHT Quality & RIGHT Quantity. So, let’s develop a habit of EATING RIGHT FOOD & let’s live long & live happy
Thank you, Jay Swaminarayan