Life Changing Habits : Right Use of Media

Published On: June 1, 2020 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

Dear Friends,

Is Media Good or Bad ? Is Media Effective or Defective ? Productive or Non-productive? Did you ever think about this ? But before we understand this tell me

Salt is good or bad ? Sugar is good or bad ? Salt is good if it is in limit, Depends on its quantity. Sugar is good if it is in limit. Similarly, Media & Internet is Good if it is in right limit & in right use

It’s said in our scriptures that, अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् – Avoid the TOO MUCH everywhere. Excess of anything is Bad & dangerous. Use of Media is not dangerous but the ADDICTION of Media is dangerous for our life!




Our Inputs determine our Outputs

If you want good OUTPUTS then insert the Good INPUTS


So, my dear Friends, that’s why we should not misuse & overuse media

What excites the misuse / overuse of the Media ?

Root Cause is : Goal-less life & Free Time.If you can understand the root cause, you can get the root solution. What is the ROOT SOLUTION to overcome the Addiction of Media & Misuse of Media ?


Who has BIG goal in life will never waste their time in Media & ENTERTAINMENT.Narendra Modi, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezoz, they are actually ruling the world, they are running great organizations like google, tesla, microsoft amazon, we all are influenced by them, though they don’t have time to waste for entertainment. They are always engrossed in their Goal. For them their GOAL itself is the ENTERTAINMENT


Getting distracted is the sign of a weaker Goal

So my dear Friends,

Set a BIG GOAL in your life, as our elder Swamiji Shri Devprasaddasji Says that “Gurukulites are born to be great. You are not born to do the ordinary work, average work, you are born to do the great work, extraordinary work. So the ROOT SOLUTION for overcoming the addiction of Media is, SETTING BIG GOAL in life.


Now the question is HOW TO USE MEDIA in the right way ? How do great people use Media ? They also live in the same world. If you want to achieve a GREAT GOAL without getting distracted in Media . then you need to SET 2 things



By setting the MINDSET of Learning & TIMESET for Media will save you from the Misuse & Overuse of Media


Now, What will you do for the rest of the time ? if you will not use Media, you will not play video games, what will you do ?


Dear Friends,

If you will use MEDIA in a right way it will MAKE your life. And if you will MISUSE MEDIA then it will BREAK your life. Finally choice is yours And don’t forget, Habits makes our life better not just mere Knowledge. So, let’s develop a habit of using Media with the MINDSET & TIMESET of LEARNING And finally let’s achieve a BIG GOAL in our life

Thank You, Jay Swaminarayan