Life Changing Habits : Save Resources (Water, Food, Electricity)

Published On: June 1, 2020 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

Story of Shastriji Maharaj

Everybody has right to use the Resources but none has right to WASTE it not even the little bit. Do you know, why do we face ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS ?
Water crisis, Food Scarcity, Global Warming, climate change, Irregular rain, etc.What Is the REASON ? Who is responsible ? Nature or Creature ?

he major reason is…Wastage of Natural Resources. Waste of Resources causes many effects all of you that very well Two major effects : Scarcity of resources & Disturbance in Ecosystem
Scarcity of Resources affects at Domestic level. Let’s take Delhi for example, population of delhi is around 2 Crore. If all 2 crore people waste just a sip of water 80 to 100 ML, how much amount of water would be wasted ? If you will calculate you will know it would be 20,00,000 Lacs Liter What would be the average need of drinking water for a human being per a day ? It may be 3 liters, if you divide 2000000 / 3 then it will be 6,66,666


It means just out of the 100 ML wastage water of 2 crore people 1 whole city like Tirupati & Gulbarga can have potable water for full day. Thousands of people can satisfy their thirst with this amount of water. Do you know, in India 21 cities are badly struggling for the water. Megacities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad running out of groundwater. In rural area people struggle to get 1 liter of potable water. Who are the RESPONSIBLE ? Just imagine, after the next 10 years if there is no potable water How would our life be ? Though we would be having Money, technology, science, can we survive without water ?

Science & technology can filter the water can’t create the water. Creator is God. We must be grateful to God, we must be thankful to God. God never asked any bill for using his waterAnd if we will not save water now then those days are not away when people will fight for the water Similarly in food also, If everybody waste 100 grams or just 50 grams of food, how much would it be together ?

Do you know everyday in India more than 20 crore people sleep hungry. Around 90 lacs people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases every year in India. That’s why we should not WASTE the water & food. And wasting Food & water is also a kind of VIOLENCE, because it’s harmful to nature & other human beings also. Wasting food & water also an INSULT of God. God has gifted us natural resources free of cost & we waste it shamelessly, it’s the insult of God



Dear People,

Remember, if we will care Nature, nature will care us, but if we will damage nature, nature will damage us. So let’s Save Natural Resources

How ?

How to save Natural resources ? See, we can’t change world’s situation but we can change our Home situation We have to play our part.How can we play our part ? How can we save the resources ? There are major 3 resources which leads our life : Water, Food & Electricity. How to USE them ? Use the resources for NEED not for GREED

Greediness is the major reason for wastage of the resources. Luxurious life is actually harmful to the mother nature because it consumes more resources than the need. We can reduce our NEEDS also – We can TUNE UP our body for less needs & save the resources

What ?

What to do to save water, food & electricity ? I would like to discuss few cases where people generally waste the resources. You please take note & pen & note down these points in your dairy



Dear Friends,

Don’t do this for few days, don’t just do at your home, wherever you go, wherever you are but to save the resources should become your HABIT, your regular activity. Because HABITS make our life better not just Knowledge Remember, One small change in your Habit will bring great change in your life & others life as well

So, let’s play our part, let’s’ begin from our home, let’s develop the habit of Saving Resources by using them for need & make our life healthy & happy

Thank you, Jay Swaminarayan