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Is Indian Education a burden or an opportunity?

Published On: August 2, 2023 , Updated on : February 22, 2024


The following article paves the way to all the obstacles of the modern world and gives a clue to the enormous ideas of the Indian Gurukul system that our country had during the Vedic period. References are made and quotations are highlighted. While writing this article all the details and authenticity are taken into consideration.


This small piece of writing is written with a deliberation that youngsters and children of the nation should be aware of the Guru Shishya tradition, and the Gurukul system of our past. To bring awareness about our wounded civilization and the effects of the Western education system. This article acknowledges the English language as well.

A lot of us have been invariably asked if Indian education is a burden or an opportunity! The question is plausible since India has had many obstacles from its inception. Though education in India is rapidly growing and being implemented to reach the zenith, despite the postmodern era, the values and wisdom of the country are also being dismantled. It is precisely applicable that youngsters should know the values and morals of our nation.

Great Philosopher Max Muller had this to say once “If someone asks me where the values and education are deeply routed, I should point to India”

Having taken his quote we can understand how even Western eyes have passed their eyes toward Indian education. India has had a great education system from the Vedic system, no wonder it has produced great masters intellectuals, and scholars. If one says he is into Indian education, he is undoubtedly enlightened. While Westerners have taken many ideas and philosophical concepts of education, it is undoubtedly true it is a boon to get an education in our Country.

Despite colonial discourse, India has been put under scrutiny to decode its wisdom and thoughts. While the narratives are made, our people tend to switch toward the stupendous intellect of the land. It is important to hold the culture of the nation, says Homi K Bhabha,

“Culture is important and to locate the culture one should read extensively and intensively”

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Our youngsters and children are ignorant about our past. The essentials of education are put forth. We know it is impossible to see Guru Shishya tradition in the twenty-first century, still, we have our great teachers of the Vedic period, and records are kept for our future. Among them, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is rigorously pushing youngsters and children towards success and obtaining the values of our nation. The proliferation of Western education is not only putting challenges on our kids but bringing their values down too.

Rudyard Kipling, the poet and coloniser says, “East is east and West is west, and they shall never meet each other”

Kipling understood our future kids very well. He perceived that despite the relentless struggle to obey another culture, they would never be successful.


We are towards the next era, and it is our sole responsibility to hold if the future of our country is gone astray. We shall uphold the sovereignty of the nation through the ancient wisdom, and scholarship that India has ever produced.


About the Writer: Mr Mahesh Nayak teaches English at Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Mysore. He has published several books, research articles, journals, and magazines. He is a reader and scholar at the University of Mysore. He is an expert in the domains of Literature, Philosophy, linguistics and Humanities.