Investiture Ceremony

Published On: June 26, 2024

On June 26, 2024, the esteemed Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Belagola, Near Mysuru, hosted its highly anticipated investiture ceremony, marking the induction of new student leaders for the upcoming academic year. The event was graced by the presence of revered spiritual leaders Pujya Satsang Priyadasji Swamiji, Pujya Tirtha Swaroop Dasji Swamiji, and Pujya Krishna Murthy Dasji Swamiji, who performed the symbolic badging ceremony. The presence of Principal Shriharsha Joshi, Academic Coordinator Satish N., and the entire staff alongside the enthusiastic gurukulites added to the solemnity and grandeur of the occasion. The ceremony highlighted the best qualities expected of leaders, such as integrity, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Pratap, who emphasized the importance of leadership and the values that the institution strives to instill in its students. Following this, Mr. Veerabhadra Nayak spoke about the significance of the day, reflecting on the historical and cultural importance of the investiture ceremony and its role in shaping future leaders. The Master of Ceremony, Satish N., ensured the event ran smoothly and maintained a lively and engaging atmosphere throughout. Pujya Satsang Priyadasji Swamiji then addressed the gathering, highlighting the spiritual and moral responsibilities that come with leadership. The heart of the ceremony was the badging ritual, where each student leader received their badge from the distinguished Swamijis, symbolizing their new roles and responsibilities. Principal Shriharsha Joshi and Academic Coordinator Satish N. spoke about the importance of leadership qualities and making impactful decisions. The ceremony concluded with a pledge taken by the new leaders to uphold the values of the Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School and lead by example. The event was a profound reminder of the commitment to excellence and service that the institution embodies, leaving an indelible impression on all attendees.