Tunnel & Dodge Ball 8th & 9th std – Hostel

Published On: June 15, 2024 , Updated on : June 18, 2024

📢 🌟 Sports competition for 8th & 9th Std Students 🌟 📢

We are thrilled to share that on 15th June 2024 , a fantastic Tunnel and Dodgeball game was organized for our energetic 8th & 9th standard students! 🏐🏃‍♂️

The day was filled with excitement, laughter, and incredible sportsmanship. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling games, showcasing their agility and teamwork. 🎉🙌

It was a memorable event that brought smiles and joy to everyone involved. We are proud of our students’ enthusiasm and spirit! 😊👏