What is Gurukul Education System?

Published On: December 11, 2018 , Updated on : February 22, 2024


Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul education system is a natural education system along with modern education system.our education system is very simple, it is to remove unwanted things from the minds of children.

We do not mess up the children with unwanted things instead we message the child the true path, the path which leads to ultimate success. Our children’s success is our Gurukul education system’s success.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is a socio-spiritual, non-profit organisation that believes that propagating true education in the world as the noblest work of all.
Today it is very unfortunate to blog an article on Gurukul education system surprisingly!! Yet we do write an article because as long as we, our Gurukul organisation, our saints, our teachers, our Gurukulites are alive we spread the truth more louder than anyone. We represent our ethics, our values, our culture, our tradition, our Sanskar and our civilization, more than anyone else in the universe. If someone does the same we are ready to give a helping hand with love and affection.
Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul education system has its own curriculum framework along with CBSE curriculum. We teach our students Vidya, Sadvidya, and Brahmavidya.

Vidya – Modern Education

Sadvidya – Traditional Education

Brahmavidya – Spiritual Education

In teaching Vidya of CBSE education we give very tough competition on par with so-called schools in and around India. Since the beginning, we had have the very best results till this moment with 100% results. We believe that

“Pravarthaniya sadvidya, Bhuvi yatsukrutham mahat”

Propagating true education in the world is the most noblest work of all. Gurukul education is to understand the child. He has his own talents, his own passion, his own feelings, his own tastes and it is our moral responsibility to nurture and grow them.
we never compare the children in marks, grades, percentages etc because we know and we strongly believe that comparison leads to greediness and greediness leads to frustration and in turn frustration breaks the brains, creativity logic and learning skills of the children, surprisingly! Today’s children don’t have a life of their own at all!!
We would seriously bring an important notice to the parents of the present generation that please do not forget that every great personality was once an average student in the classroom or else might be a dull Student of the day. Surprisingly it even includes you and me too!! Let us understand the child’s heart, mind and hands, please. We are even sure God might have gifted him some talent, identify it first!!
Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul never tags the child, we never suppress them, we never disappoint them, we never pressurise them, we never do anything that kills the child’s creativity. Believe us we have a million tonnes of patience to handle the child with care and kindness. Trust us, visit us, and be a part of us.

It is not a subject to teach, it is our way of living(Hinduism), a living style, a traditional style, which was even proven scientifically in research at different universities and around the Globe.
It is an ancient way of Hygienic Living Style which promotes us to be independent in every aspect of life. Sadvidya is not a part but it is a part of Vidya.

But today it is very sad to see that children are not allowed to do their daily work routine. It might be because of over-love and affection of parents towards them which is in turn spoiling their Independence and art of living.
Today, How many children know how to greet? How to behave? How to thank? How to eat? How to iron their dress? How to broom? How many of the children are ready to take care of their parents at their old age? If we keep questioning it goes on and on!! Most of them are not aware!! But we are very proud and it gives us immense pleasure to share that our children our Gurukulites know, knew and knowing the above-mentioned!!
The credit does not come to us we give the whole and sole credit to our loved Gurukulites. Because

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul with pleasure make our children learn their art of living. We teach each and every aspect that was taught in Shikshapatri sacred scripture written by Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan.

Our Brahmavidya team of holy saints are ready to serve our children with stories from our Holy scriptures, Holy epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Vachanamrutham, Puranas and the stories of our Holy Saints in the Heritage of Swaminarayan sect. Brahmavidya is Gurukul’s heart, at every beat we can see it’s rhythm in the Gurukulites.

We are ready to show our children the greatness of our land -‘The land of Karma’. We exemplify, we simplify, we motivate and we conduct the Brahmavidya assessment to know how far they inspired from Brahmavidya.
We make our children to understand, what made Lord Ramchandra to be great and what made Lord Ravana Brahma to be killed!! We make them to understand how Lord Ganesh won the secret behind and how Kartikeya lost the competition with weakness!! We make them to understand the essence of Bhagavad Gita and Shrimad Bhagwat.
What not, Dear parents we do manythings for our children, for our Gurukulites, for our future generations, we do manythings but we do not like to say.Words are not enough to describe our efforts, our planning, our team-work in making our children a complete Human beings.
We even manage the updation of modern technologized education to the mind-set of our children. We take everything as a challenge to motivate, to inspire, to aspire our children. We make our children to take care of everything to handle with utmost care. We teach them to see Paramathma (God) in every Athma (soul).
We fail to explain everything on this blog, as we all fail to describe beauty of a flower, sweetness of a sweet, Hungry of Hungry man, and the honesty of an honest man……. For further details please do visit us.

May Supreme Godhead Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan Shower his divine blessings on you and your family members…
Jay Shree Swaminarayan!!!

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  1. Avatar Of Mukund Achlerkar Mukund Achlerkar

    One thing to ask hereby. Does residential student & day ( non-residential) student get same level/quality of education at Gurukul?

  2. Avatar Of Tanmay Modi Tanmay Modi

    One thing to ask hereby. Does residential student & day ( non-residential) student get same level/quality of education at Gurukul?Yes, The Education Quality for both Residential and Day School Students are same.

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