21st Century Parenting

21st Century Parenting | Must Read

Published On: December 11, 2018 , Updated on : February 22, 2024

Parenting is not a course of Study, it is not a Skill-training Programme, it is not an art, and it is not a business but is a natural love and mutual understanding between you and your children.

Hope you understood our version but still if you feel it is very difficult to do

If you feel it is complex, if you feel it is Ambiguous, if you feel it Uncertain, if you feel it is Volatile!!

Do not Worry, Swaminarayan Gurukul organization is with you to help you with what to do. | How to do? | Which to do? | Where to do? | Why to do? | Whom to do? | Who to do?

Come on! Let us have bigger hearts for our children, Let us have a better understanding of our children, Let us take the right decision at the right time, Let us still be not late, Let us see our life (children) does not run out of our hands, Let us join our hearts and heads to understand them. Reading this Blog on 21st-century parenting, we are sure you will understand the situations and today’s generation

21st Century Parenting tips

  • Please Stop Underestimating Your Child Instead Start Understanding The Child
  • Say No To Comparison
  • Education Is Not Life But Education Is Part Of Life
  • Gift Them Character And Best Personality But Not Cars, Currency And Properties
  • Be The Best Parent
  • Check Your Environment And Your Child’s Emotions
  • Check Your Food And Habits

1. Please Stop Underestimating Your Child Instead Start Understanding The Child

Every child is gifted with some talent. Identify your child’s talent.

Don’t expect your child to understand you!

Instead, understand your child and give what he wants the best not what you can give him the best! Hope it’s clear.

For example, if you want your child to be IAS but he/she is only interested in music then please start encouraging your child to be the best, the most popular musician in the world. For God’s sake forget about your IAS.

If you don’t encourage him, then India is going to miss a great musician and at the same time we are not sure he will be IAS but we are so sure that the misunderstanding will be forever between you both and it will end with the destruction of your relationship and Love.

2. Say No To Comparison

Do not compare your child with anyone because no two individual in this world is born with the same mind, same opinion, same tastes etc.

Every child is a unique though they may be identical twins of same parents for surprisingly!

Identify your child’s talent, interests, tastes, opinions and grow them and make sure the child shines in that particular area with your support and encouragement.

3. Education is Not Life But Education Is Part of Life

Education Is Not Life

Hope now it’s clear, identify what your child wants.

What your child can do? What your child can be? What does your child like? What is your child’s strength? What is your child’s weakness? What is your child’s dream? What is your child’s heart?

Understand your child first, If they are wrong try to correct them at the right time in the right way for a bright future do not forget that life belongs to your child but not yours be careful in dealing with them! All the best.

4. Gift them Character and Best Personality But Not Cars, Currency and Properties

Yes, this is 101% a valued/valid point to be remembered see that your child starts learning character development, personality development, and value-based education right from the school age to inter then there ends the matter.

After that, none can spoil him because our roots, our foundation, and our basements are very strong. We are very lucky and fortunate because 95% of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul students are ideal in this because we give them a very strong education with a different curriculum like Vidya, Sadvidya and Brahmavidya.

Our children never live in the world but they lead the world ahead. We are very thankful to our shastriji Maharaj for establishing Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul organizations with a vision and mission for further details please visit us.

5. Be the Best Parent

Do not forget that the child’s first school is the parent’s lap. For example, if parents are smokers then definitely the child be a smoker and you don’t have any right to say ‘NO’ to your child’s smoking because the child had learnt from you. So, please be careful in front of children, the way you behave, the way you live at home, your choices, your selection, your tastes etc everything will be under the observation of your children.

“If you don’t love them – don’t expect love from them”
“If you are lazy – don’t expect them to be active”
“If you are characterless – don’t expect them to be with good character, etc”

Because they come from you, sharing your blood, sharing your colour, sharing your genes, sharing everything of yours. If we hurt you by this, please think, let us accept the truth. Let us change for the change of your children, change of the nation.

6. Check Your Environment and Your Child’s Emotions

The child’s environment has a greater role in their life, we have read about Pandavas and Kauravas. Though the guru is one the groups are different.

So please check your child’s school environment! Are they giving only mechanical education or value-based education?

There are many things that a child learns from their peer groups. So have an eye on it.

Does your child make you emotional blackmail? Then immediately say NO to their mobiles and other electronic gadgets because their misuse is dominating them we know you can’t do it.

So, you can join a spiritual-based education institutional boarding school like Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul because the child is 101% away from the electronic media and the child is under the observation of holy Saints and hostel parents (tutors).

We have story-time with our holy saints, Vidya by our teachers, Sadvidya in our curriculum design and Brahmavidya by our holy Saints. For more details visit us.

7. Check Your Food and Habits

Whatever the parents eat and drink, the child eats the same. As a scientific research

we are what we eat!!.

So, our eating- habits at home are very important. Let us start eating which gives us the strength of vision, which makes our hormones under control, which makes to look like human beings, not like animal beings (behaviour).

Let’s eat vegetarian food and say no to Non-vegetarian food and artificial foods. As a parent please habituate with your child by going to the temple at least once a week, do meditation for at least 30 minutes, spend your time with your children, laugh with them, cry with them, share your limited emotions with them, make them understand what you are! And what you are for!!

Dear parents!

Hope you understand our valid ideas for your child. As Khalil Gibran says, “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts and life.”

Does the seagull not fly across the Sun, alone and without a nest? Make your child mentally strong, spiritually true, physically fit, and emotionally great and strengthen their minds, hearts, hands and souls.

The special, pleasant, great present (gift), you can give to your child is ‘THE BEST SCHOOL’. Because everything gets decided here. So, your choice of ‘School selection’ is important. Be the best parent for your best child. We wish you all the very best!!